things i learned from my mother

I tried to do this post on Sunday. But it was too difficult. I think I may have mentioned in my birthday post that my Mom had some health concerns this year. Well, that was an understatement. Last year at about this time she was diagnosed with vascular dementia and Alzheimer's. Her decline has been rapid and heartbreaking. She can no longer walk, and doesn't speak very much. But there are good days when she is cheerful and bright. Recently I went to visit just after she had a spa and beauty session. They take good care of her at the long-term care facility, but the fact is, most days she has no makeup on and some crazy bed head. Women of that generation never left the house without their "face on", so it was nice to see her looking more like her old self (complete with the old lady bright lipstick that for some reason they all love??). I turned the visit into a photo session using my iPhone. She was fascinated by the little machine in my hand "What IS that?" she asked. It may only have been three words, but it was a sentence and it was coherent and it showed her comprehension of just how incredible a little machine my iPhone is. It was amazing! So that explains the photo above. Now onto the content. I spent a lot of this weekend thinking about things I have learned from my Mom, Margaret Bernadette Rossiter Doiron. Here are just a few. 

1. When it comes to trying a new thing: "You'll never be younger to learn."

2. When buying something -- clothing or a pillow -- that's stiped or check or plaid, check that the pattern matches across the seams. That's a sign of quality.

3. Sewing is a valuable skill to have. If you're sewing something using stripes, checks or a pattern, be sure to match the pattern at the seams. (see above)

4. Homemade maple cream fudge is the best food on the face of the earth. 

5. When recording recipes, why bother with measurements. Instead "a good little bit" or "three glugs" or "a generous pour" will be just fine.

6. Why replace something when it can be mended?

7. Cocktail hour is to be respected and observed.

8. Prayer is powerful.

9. Don't take yourself or life too seriously. 

10. A tall man who can dance is the ultimate catch.

And lastly, imagine my delight to arrive on Mother's Day to visit Mom, and finding her dressed head-to-toe resplendent in my favourite colour. Adorable. Here she is enjoying the piano stylings of Gabriel and Claire, a couple of my brother's kids.