the jubilee flotilla

I'm a bit excited about geeking out to watch the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Flotilla this weekend. You see, the Canada boat comes from my hometown Peterborough. Well, specifically, the Canadian Canoe Museum, located in Peterborough (known affectionately as Peterpatch or just The Patch). The vessel is a real beaut, lovingly restored for the festivities! Why not follow along the behind the scenes prep and festivities by checking out the Canoe Museum blog:

And tune in on Sunday for all the coverage. I'll be glued to the set and likely at least one additional screen ;-)

PS. I don't have proper hyperlinks or the vid I wanted to attach because I'm using the Squarespace iPhone app on my iPad to post this. I have a whole heap of beefs with this app. So lame. And can you believe it's gen 3 for the iPad and they don't have a proper app for it yet. Pfft. Grumpy. I had really hoped the iPad would facilitate blogging, but it's a fail (I'm blaming my hosting site natch, since Apple can do no wrong)