perfect winter party



Here are all the ingreds for a perfect midwinter gathering. 

1. white blooms -- paperwhites, amaryllis, tulips -- in vintage glass and black basalt.

2. plenty of prosecco on ice in giant silver chillers.

3. a fire and candlelight.

4. a table and chairs for playing a game -- cards, Clue, Monopoly, Scrabble, dominoes (my fave)

5. a sofa to curl up on for gossiping, story-telling and remembering.

Just add friends.

This beautiful scene was created by Tricia Foley and shot by Jeff McNamara. Such talent.

welcome winter



I never want the Christmas rose

To come before its time;

The seasons, each as God bestows,

Are simple and sublime.

I love to see the snowstorm hing;

'Tis but the winter garb of spring.


I never want the grass to bloom:

The snowstorm's best in white.

I love to see the tempest come

And love its piercing light.

The dazzled eyes that love to cling

O'er snow-white meadows sees the spring.


I love the snow, the crumpling snow

That hangs on everything,

from The Winter's Spring by John Clare

photo: chris tubbs

today, white

There is a light blanket of snow outside my window. It was a pleasant surprise last night as we arrived here in the dark. The crunch crunch underfoot is the soundtrack of this time of year as much as Bing or Bony M. But this morning it sparkles in the bright sun. Absolutely stunning. White is always right.





source: peter margonelli

colour me melting

what season are you? Reading all that colour mumbo jumbo in the lastest House Beautiful I was reminded of the whole 80s Color Me Beautiful craze. I always thought I was a winter, but I think I'm an autumn. I'd take either season instead of today -- I really HATE heat. Always have, always will. Would so much rather shovel snow in -20C than sit around in my own perpetual state of inelegance (thanks for that phrase Jane Austen, nobody has summed it up better). Can't really blog properly till this is over since having the computer on my lap is WAY too boiling. YUCK. Meanwhile, stay cool, come back later when I have my wits about me, and enjoy this little escape...