white kitchen

buddy, can you spare $49.5mil?

This, my excellent blog reading friends, can be yours or mine for the cool listing price of $49.5million. It is the extraordinary Water Mill, NY house of Nine West founders and gajillionaires Vince and Louise Camuto. Despite it's insane size (22,000 sq ft) I find it to be a total dream. The interiors are by Louise Camuto and Carol Egan. Nicely done. The house has heaps of grandeur yet still manages to look relaxed and inviting — that's no mean feat.

Enjoy this tour...

Super dreamy kitchen!

Just take a gander at the detail of the edge profile of the marble counters...amaze.

Blueberry waffles and mimosas anyone?

A little bit of Canada representin' in the media room as the sofas are by our very own Montauk sofa (don't be fooled by the New Yorky name, Montauk is Canuck).

The formal dining room has a decidedly Gustavian feel, perhaps because the lady of the manor is an ex-Miss Sweden. Also, masterful photo styling here by Howard Christian - hat tip to you, sir. That tree branch in the background...makes the shot.

Aaaaaaaah. Cashmere robe, a must.

oh. my. heart.

The story of the full renovation was published in the July 2013 issue of Architectural Digest, with these stunning photos by Scott Frances and styling by the aforementioned Mr. Christian.

Check out more deets on the real estate listing at Curbed Hamptons and Sotheby's 

PS, this marks my return to the blog...I hope.

perfect white kitchen

This makes me a bandwagoneer -- and I am filled with self loathing for it I assure you -- but it must be said that this is one absolutely beautiful white kitchen. Oh that floor! The black-painted door! The window -- all naked and gorg! And above all, my favourite kitchen movement of all -- a coup d'état against the tyrannical island! In it's place, a spot for shelling peas, lingering over morning coffee or a wicked game of crazy eights. A spot that doesn't require you to catapult yourself skyward on some awkward bar stool -- has there been one invented yet that's comfy and easy to get into? But I digress. Just take a moment to enjoy. 

OK, my only beef: that is one sad lonesome looking bowl of fruit on that table. Some abundance for the camera please.

source: Ashley Putman's Houston kitchen via Lonnymag

It's a big blog world out there. Every day I find someone new with a massive collection of inspiring posts. Today's discovery is The Adventures of Tartanscot by Scot Meacham Wood. Here is just one of the images from his post for today. It's a Hamptons home by Elizabeth Martin. I have such a weakness for the well-done white kitchen. What's not to love?

And this room below designed by Scot himself (Thane Studio) got me thinking about director's chairs. I was scouting them recently and was surprised by how few I found. For such a great design why don't more companies make them? Hmmm, what's up with that? 

also love these ones at the Bahamas home of India Hicks...

Here are the ones I scouted in Toronto recently:

McGuire, CAN$3,695 (!) -- I think this is the one Scot used above.

Kreiss, CAN$2,295

Pier 1, CAN$74 (for the standard chair height)

The McGuire one is gorgeous but that's just crazy money. The Pier 1 chair is my bargain find of the week!