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recent acquisition: hermès ashtray

Recent acquisition is a series I started the other day and this is the latest edition. My thinking behind this series is to provide an alternative to all the Instagramming and Tweeting by everyone and their blogging buddy of random shots of things they like but haven't actually committed to buying. It's a practice that doesn't sit right with me. First up, I'll admit I've done it, but I'm going to try to do less of it. Here's why: as I have said before on the House & Home blog, the truest expression of your appreciation of something in a shop is to purchase it. Support the seller in the most tangible way. I was involved in a Twitter discussion once with an incredulous Tweeter who couldn't believe the nerve of a retailer who denied her the right to take a photo. The case she made was that she would shoot it and probably go back to buy the thing. Oh please. I'm no retailer, but I know one intimately and that gives me the inside insight into the fact that 9 times out of 10, once you leave that shop you are not coming back. 

Of course, I understand the other side. We can't buy everything we see that we like, since we may not have the space or the budget. And yes, we live in a society that may be driven a bit too much by consumption. But still, there's a whiff on inauthenticity to a missive sent out "I love it sooooo much" when you don't love it enough to buy it.  

And lastly, Recent Aquisition is a way for me to offer original content for this space. Authenticity and originality – to me these are the pillars of blogging. I don't always measure up but I'm working on these.

Grumpy preamble ends here.

Now, a bit more about our little friend above. Mr. A bought it in a private sale and when it came home we immediately put it in the Take to Whale Cottage pile, which seemed obvious given its motif. And yes, it appears to be the real deal:

In case you were wondering, no, I don't smoke. This thing will never receive a burning ember if I have anything to say about it. Instead I'm thinking of putting it in the bathroom as a spot to put watch and jewelry, or maybe just on the coffee table on top of some books. I may toss a couple of matchbooks in it to keep them handy for lighting our hurricanes or candle sconces. For now, it sits awaiting its next assignment.