tulip table

tom, plato & saarinen

Stopped dead in my tracks on the weekend when I read this. It's from ELLE Decor June/July 2003 and the quote is from Tom Scheerer describing the white lacquer Saarinen table. He calls it:

"The Platonic absolute of a table. All you really see is what's on top and around it."

So, I think I have mentioned Mr. Scheerer before. I quite love his work -- especially his county and beach houses: Relaxed but fully decorated. Judicious use of antiques. Warm modernity -- the best kind. And texture -- the man uses texture so so very beautifully. But today is about the Saarinen tulip table -- and that quote. When have you heard such insight? "The Platonic absolute of a table." There is such depth in design and I love when a writer and an interviewee can really dig deep. Here are some lovely examples of Tom's use of the Platonic absolute of a table:

Earlier: Charleston houseLater: Bahamas houseAll of these are from Tom's portfolio. See more of his genius here.

And just for fun, here are some pics of my use of that same style of table:

last 2 photos: paul c