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tori's bakeshop

This cute new bakeshop just opened on Queen St. E. in the Beaches neighbourhood in Toronto and it just happens to be right on my way home from work. This will be dangerous. The space is bright and fresh and I can now attest that the cinnamon buns are gooey icing-slathered balls of yum.

I first fell for the place right here at the front door. It has beautiful detail. The paint colour is divine and that shiny brass handle is just perfect. I love the frosted logo. Notice the words natural and organic? That's what drew me here in the first place. Don't get me wrong, I'm no food purist. But you see Mr. A is lactose intolerant, so milk and cream-laced baked goods are his kryptonite. This place is vegan and many of the offerings are gluten-free. Bonus.

The inside is pretty without being cloyingly sweet. In real life I am tiring of seeing exposed-bulb fixtures, but in a bakeshop, lights that look like giant whisks are a stroke of whimsical genius. And that mint-green espresso machine is a show-stopper.

There is a delicate balance between organic and modern in the decor that I find very inviting.

The details are charming. A bit of twine wrapped around a cheap and cheerful vase elevate this posy above the everyday. Mason jar lights - yes, they've been seen but, again, so right in this application. It's all done in my favourite colour combo - green, grey and white. Sweet window seat cushions and the green piping made me smile.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. And after carting my baked booty all the way to Tweed I can attest that the cinnamon buns are well worth a trek to the Beaches. Soft, gooey, sweet, decadent. A fine accompaniment to my Saturday morning coffee. So much for Lent. But my Mother used to always tell me that since St. Patrick's Day is a feast day you could have whatever you gave up and indulgence was allowed. So wise ;-)

Find Tori's Bakeshop at 2188 Queen St. E., Toronto, 647-350-6500; or visit their website ; or follow them on Twitter.