one house, two owners

So, this is kinda fun. It's the same house, published twice. First time it was published in ELLE Decor when the homeowner was Steven Gambrel. The second time it was published in Martha when owned by Jill and Daniel Dienst. So interesting to compare.


DienstGambrelDienstGambrelDienstGambrelDienstGambrelDienstGambrelDienstWhich do you like better?

Dear James Dyson,

We have to break up. I have loved you and your vacuums for many years, but it's over. I now love another. This is quite possibly the coolest vacuum ever -- designed by Pia Wallén (a Swede, natch) for Electrolux for Skandium in the UK. Touted as one of the world's quietest -- no word on how efficient, but who cares when it looks this good?

Peaceful palette. There's nothing like white to cleanse your design palette - white can tell so many stories. Here are a few I am escaping with tonight...

inspires me to decorate a party with white balloons. One of my wedding showers had white and silver balloons as decor -- I still remember it and love the idea.

currently loving bare blond floor, trestle tables, all things Scandi, the idea of a loft.

Holy bread stack batman -- a styling wonder! also love the perfectly pressed creases in the linen towel in the background - no detail missed.

with ceilings this high and architecture like this you don't need much more. you can even get away with a crate bedside table. White canvas above bed -- loves.


a bit of nature and randomness plus a gutsy lamp. nice.

somewhere I'd like to make my tea every morning.

great envelope + simple furniture = stunning result.

wicked cool chairs - and waste basket.

a pretty jumble. have been under that chair's spell for years now. great painted floor boards.

trestle base gets me again. would love a white phone like that.

(drat, promised myself this blog wouldn't be just a bunch of stuff borrowed from others but found these on emmas designblogg and they are just too breathtaking not to share, mea culpa. see her blog here...).