coral peonies tampa bay buccaneers butternut squash

Oh bloggersons, I've missed you so. So many factors have conspired to keep me away from you. But I'm happy to be back. Today's pressing topic is colour inspiration -- and a little reminder to keep your eyes peeled -- it is truly everywhere. 

One of the main colour stories weaving its way through my life this week was the gradual fading of some lovely peonies I bought at the end of last week. They began as a deep rich coral with yellow centres and faded, day by day, to the very palest shade of peach. Each day's colour prettier than the day before. These aren't mine but the colours are right.

And then today came this:

That's right, the NFL. It was vintage jersey day for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and these beauties are pure mid-'70s south Florida decorator chic. Even the entire coaching staff was wearing this colour. I imagine a few groans and moans in the dressing room among the lads when they found out they'd have to wear these today. I think they are magnificent -- and look especially fab against the bright green of the turf. Wish I had better shots, but I'm up at the Tweed homestead this weekend, where the TV is strictly lo-def.

And then for dinner I sliced into one of these lovelies:

Butternut squash is certainly more orange and more saturated than the other shades, but still so pretty. Tonight I served it up mashed with cracked pepper - no brainer - but I'm planning to use the rest for a risotto.

These are such beautiful colours for interiors. I'm hoping to do a produce a story on them soon. But for now I'm just keeping my eyes open. Here are some examples of these floral-, vegetable- and Buccaneers-inspired shades used in harmony.

Amanda Nisbet

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

House Beautiful

Kevin Sharkey for Martha

Me x 2 (styling). photos: Michael Graydon