spin art

current obsession: spin art

There it is on the right -- spin art. I'm mad for this stuff right now. It does seem very childish in a way, so it is quite right for this play room designed by Laura Day. But for me it's just an outright celebration of colour. Pure and simple -- and chic.

The spin art in this home -- the very stylish pad of Jimmy Choo shoe guru Tamara Mellon (from Elle DECOR)-- is by Damien Hirst. He seems to be the only big time artist doing spin art. And he's making a killing selling the stuff. Everything he touches turns to gold. I'm also a fan of his spot paintings -- again, just colour, pure and simple. He's a very controversial figure in art. Many call him a fraud. He's one of those artists who has a factory. In other words, he employs others to make his art. In fact, he has been quoted as saying that his own spot paintings were "fucking shite". He only did 5 of them. The rest are by employees. Hmmm. Don't care and still like them. Though of course I'd never be able to afford one anyway, so the authenticity debate is moot. 

But back to spin art. Here's the principle: pour globs of paint onto a spinning surface and the centrifugal force pushing the paint out to the edges greats the pattern. Neat. Every time it's different. I was searching You Tube and My Space for video of spin art being made and found a collaboration between Damien Hirst and John Cusack. Yes, that's right. Lloyd Dabler aka Martin Blank. That's him on the right below. See all the cups of paint. 

They pour them over the railing onto this:

check out the vid here

Damien also does spin art cars:

And the best best best part about spin art: There's an App for that. Once discovered, I promptly downloaded it to my trusty iPhone and here are some of my own digital masterpieces.



Oh yeah, and apparently you can make spin art with a salad spinner. Check out the how-to at Brassy Apple. Dying to try this.