new boots

Here's how I'm doing leopard this season. It was love at first sight. It's been a while since we've seen a kitten heel on anything, but I must say it's my favourite heel. Welcome back kitten! Do you suppose we might thank Michelle Obama for the return of the kitten heel? She is addicted to her black patent ones. 

Hubs is enjoying teasing me about these -- he's calling them my cougar boots -- and he isn't confusing the animal print - he means a different kind of cougar.

The boots are from Top Shop. Did you know they ship to Canada now?

perfect summer shoe

You can have your gladiators, your strappy heels, your Havianas and your summer boots. But these, these I will keep. All hail the espadrille! Beloved of the Basques, available in a bevy of beautiful colours, patterns and heel heights, the espadrille is forever chic. The fabric upper gives and breathes like no other shoe. The closed in versions allows you to discreetly hide the fact that you find it murderously difficult to keep up a rigorous routine of summer pedis (guilty!). And then there's the jute sole. Well, if you know me at all, you know anything rope floats my boat. Just bought these ones from Urban Outfitters and am totally loving:

And one last reason to love: espadrilles, done right, can look super sexy on men. (get it wrong and they're pure Euro trash though!)

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