margot austin, tissue box stylist

So, here's something funny. I came across this box the other day and it sure looked familiar. Well, turns out I can add tissue box packaging stylist to my resume. Here's the original:


These are actually two separate shots that I styled as a mirror image of each other. They were for a budget-focused accessories story that ran in a magazine where I once worked ;-) The expensive stuff is on the left and the similar items with lower price tags are on the right. To be frank it was so long ago that I cringe a little when I look at it. That's pretty common for stylists. You look back and see everything you woulda/shoulda done differently. I remember I was trying to capture a little of the glamour of a Jan Showers moment but with an icy wintery twist -- it was a January issue. Looks a little bare to me and VERY studio - not real at all. Anyhoo, looks like Scotties used the image on the left but had it flipped on the box. Interesting.

And don't forget, by purchasing this box from this collection you "Enjoy the most sophisticated and feminine designs." :-)

all photos by daniel harrison