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margot, the scalamandré zebras and some other zebras

When I first joined Pinterest a while back I'll admit I did a search for my name to see if others had been pinning my work. Sure enough some images from right here popped up. But much to my amusement, my styling and interiors work was indiscriminately mixed with images like this: Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums. So fun. I love being mixed up with Margot T. Even more fun: her Scalamandré Zebras wallpaper. 

Just a few days after this adventure I found myself in the Primavera showroom in Toronto (the place is a total dream, BTW) at a presentation by none other than Scalamandré pres Steven Stolman.

Urfortch, I did not win the cute-as-pie Zebras brolly door prize that day, but here's a shot I took of the iconic Zebras fabric at the presentation:

I used to be a total yellow-hater. Now it's all love, baby. I pulled a sample of the wallpaper and held on for a while, considering installing it in my dining area. But I can't do it. I'll have to content myself with liking this from afar. It's simply not right for my home. Sometimes it's so hard to say no. But I digress...

So, back to my story, a couple months after that lovely day at Primavera I spotted the DwellStudio booth at the New York Gift Show:


Here's another look at those little fellas on the sofa:

Right beside this image of the cushions on the DwellStudio site is an invitation to "Read about our design inspiration on the Studio Blog" So I did that and, well, to me there appears to be a gaping omission in the story of the "inspiration" for this pillow design. Check it out for yourself here then pop back.