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whale cottage, PEI

Today was the day. After nearly a year of negotiations, inspections, red tape and three closing dates, today was the day we finally took possession of our tiny little slice of cottage heaven on Prince Edward Island. Some people think we are crazy. "When will you go?" "That's so far away, why would you buy there?" Well, most of those people have never been to Prince Edward Island. If you've been here, you know why. We know why and we couldn't be happier. Here she is:

As I write this I am nestled in a makeshift bed - camp cots made up as if we are camping in an African safari - just under that upstairs window. It is dark and silent and divine. We are minutes from the ocean. You can feel it in the air. Tomorrow the fun begins. A holiday of decorating and mini renovating with many seafood feasts and beach adventures to celebrate each day's accomplishments. I will have much to tell you and show you about the progress here and over at the STYLE AT HOME blog. The full reveal is planned for the pages of STYLE AT HOME next summer. For now I can tell you the plan, in the words of the great Elsie de Wolfe: "plenty of optimism and white paint."

the skinniest house in New York City


Wow! I've read about this house before and loved it then, but now it's for sale! Oh please, I want, I want, I want. Sure it's a novelty (9 1/2 ft wide), and it's in the most incredible location (heart of Greenwich village at 75 1/2 Bedford), but what really makes me crazy for this place is the fact that Edna St. Vincent Millay once lived here. Do you know her? She is none other than my favourite poet of all time in the whole world. Her verse has been my best friend since uni days. I LOVE EDNA! I can't imagine how it would feel to just be in a house where she lived, let alone live there. Tons of other famous people are said to have lived/visited too (including another fave, Cary Grant). Recently the world has brought Edna to my consciousness a couple of times. Coincidences? Well, I don't believe in those. Everything happens for a reason in my books. What's the reason? Who knows, all will be revealed....

Read more about the house and see the house listing here

Oh yes, and one more thing. IKEA has promised to give the buyer design advice and $10,000 in furniture in a bril promo to align the company as a small spaces solutions destination. (there they go again those geniuses!). 

If only I had US$2.75 mil.

And finally, here's just a taste of Edna St. Vincent Millay:

The Philosopher

And what are you that, wanting you,

I should be kept awake

As many nights as there are days

With weeping for your sake?

And what are you that, missing you

As many days as crawl

I should be listening to the wind

And looking at the wall?

I know a man that's a braver man

And twenty men as kind,

And what are you, that you should be

The one man in my mind?

Yet women's ways are witless ways

As any sage will tell, --

And what am I, that I should love

So wisely and so well?


red barn

O period M period G period! This place is calling my name. If you've been reading, you know I have a dream beach barn (remember that post here). Today I found it in real life. Voila.

Here's the description:

Fantastic waterfront property with gorgeous views of the ocean & sand dunes or watch the fishing boats sail by. This is a property where dreams can come true with 1.43 acres of sloping clear land fronting on a saltwater the rest here

Meanwhile, here are some more prepared to swoon!

Just look at that view! So, um, can anyone spare $115K?