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red head harbour, prince edward island

I've been back about a week now and it has been day after day of challenges great and small  from lawn care to healthcare. What can one do but make a list, trudge forward, pray and hope for the best outcomes. That's the plan. Meanwhile, I was pulling together an edit of favourite photos from our recent escape and I was stuck by the incredible colours and textures in my shots of Red Head Harbour. It's a working fishing harbour at the mouth of St. Peter's Bay and is about a 10 minute bike ride from Whale Cottage. I took all the shots using my iPhone. Recently I'd been considering getting a better camera, but when I really think about it I'm just not that person. Heading out on a bike ride with Mr. A in shorts and a T I can slip my iPhone in my pocket, no probs. A big bulky camera and lenses -- fuggetaboutit. Could not deal. Please enjoy this little tour.

You know I have a thing for weathered cedar buildings. I wanted one of these fishing shacks as a bunkie at our cottage (oh, except they reek of low tide, whatevs).

Those are fins from blue fin tuna adorning this one. Amazing.

A billion barnacle-clad bouys.

Counting the days until our next visit.

deep sea fishing

I love deep sea fishing off Prince Edward Island. You mostly get mackerel, which I have acquired a taste for thanks to the secret ingredient (butter, lots of butter). I let the boat crew deal with baiting the hook, and removing the catch, oh yes, and filleting. But I like the fishing. With my extended family it's kind of a tradition. We try to get as many people together as possible to head out on a charter from Covehead Harbour. 

Here's a shot I took of my parents when we went fishing in 2009. It's a happy memory. We catch small fish and we eat them that night for dinner. Even though we've been doing this for years, we are total amateurs compared to some. Which leads me to this astounding You Tube find. Check out what happens at the very end of this video. I love it.

Counting the days to our first Island visit of 2012...