pretty portrait

Portrait love. Remember when I told you how much I adore portrait art? If not, check it here. Meanwhile, enjoy out this yummy example.

source: sköna hem

What's the deal with Sköna Hem? Why does it send every blogger into paroxysms of style bliss? Is it Sweden? Is it the white? Is it the styling? The interiors? My sense is it's all of the above. My question is, what do I need to do to help make the little mag where I work such a roaring success? Also, is the buzz about Sköna Hem supported by healthy ad sales and a loyal readership? Hmmmm. wonder. 

instant ancestors

That's what cheeky antique dealers call vintage portrait art. I love portraits. They are like poetry, with so many stories to tell. I study the clothes, the furniture, the room in the portrait, the jewelry. Of course the eyes, the eyes, the eyes. 


sources: 1&2: darryl carter. 3: house beautiful. 4&5: jasper conran, his house, his line for chesney's. 6: simon upton (I think this is Charlotte Moss's home, anyone know for sure?).

And I love this story in pictures. My husband did a story on auctions for S@H and he did some shopping on the job. He is an amazing gift giver, my husband. But this, this is an exquisite work. I treasure her. Here she is at the auction preview, then him bidding and then her first home with us. photos: edward pond.














And lastly, do you remember the scene in Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth Bennet is travelling with her aunt and uncle and they stop for a tour at Pemberley? They walk along the portrait hall -- amazing scene. Then she stops at his portrait (a painting in the BBC version, a bust in the more recent version). The housekeeper asks "Is it a good likeness?" Elizabeth lingers. She is lost in thought. I think THAT is when she falls in love with him. It's the portrait, not the letter, the portrait. The idealized version of him. I love both versions of the movie but there's no denying the appeal of the Colin Firth wet shirt scene. Watch it here. You know you can't resist!