painted floor

easy breezy

A screened-in porch is just the perfect in-between place. This time of year where I live, north of the 49th, it's warm, but at night it's not quite warm enough to sit outside. And patio heaters are just kind of yucky. And then, when it does get warm enough, it's a crazy bug-o-rama. So you see, a screened-in porch gives you the best of both worlds. Lovely breezes, beautiful views, a place to curl up - even for your wee dog. This room is all ready for Scrabble, a great book and a long cool cocktail. Just heaven. This porch is by one of my design heros, Gil Schafer. What do I love? Well, everything: the painted floor, the painted ceiling, the French doors to the kitchen, the classic porch furniture, the gooseneck reading lamp. Is there anything better than sitting in a porch during a wicked downpour? Can't you hear the giant drops? Wish I was there.