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new at IKEA

From time to time around here I share my picks from the newest crop of goods being offered up at IKEA. I'm not sponsored by IKEA in any way. I'm just a fan. My duties take me to IKEA frequently. So frequently that I'm now able to distinguish the new SKUs from the throng of product. Of course, IKEA makes it easy to id the new products on its web site by categorizing them under a section cleverly called "new". But that's just so obvious. Anyhoo, here are my top 4.

This is the Storsele rattan chair, $99. I have a serious case of the wants for a pair of these. I searched high and low for chairs like this for our little cottage in PEI, but had no luck finding some in time for the mag photo shoot. Sigh. As a backup, we coordinated a quick makeover for a pair of pretty little faux bamboo tub chairs we already owned. They look great, but are utterly uncomfortable. So tragic. I REALLY want to swap them out for a pair of these. The complicating factor of course, is the logistics of getting a pair of chairs from PEI to Ontario and getting these from Ontario to PEI. Fun times, but I guess that's what we signed up for. OK, back to the chair. Here's what I REALLY love about it. The guiding principle in the design of this thing was to ensure it was comfortable without any cushions. That's a stroke of brilliance for a piece of rattan furniture. Do you think they do that at McGuire? Hmmm, not sure.

This is the Sigurd dining chair, $69.99. To me this is elegant simplicity. However, I'm already imaging a million ways to hack this thing. It's a blank canvas waiting for interpretation. Off the top of my head, I'd love to add some padding and upholstery to try to boost its comfort factor. Would love to see it in a Joseph Frank fabric.

I think Mr. A would have a canniption fit if I came home with this. The current count of cream throws chez nous is in the neighbourhood of 5 or 6. But, as I have argued before, I am a stylist, and a stylist can never have enough cream throws. This one is all cabley and soft cotton perfection. The Ursula for $39.99.

it's white, it's an amazing shape. It's the Tisdag work lamp. It's $69.99 and it will be finding a new home at my office soon. Oh, and PS. it's LED so uses 80% less power than a standard work light.

That's it for now. Have a great week and if I don't talk to you again before the big day, have a wonderful Holiday.