nature patterns

toes in the atlantic may 19

There's no pretty pedi to speak of, but here's my proof that my bare toes (actualy up to my ankles) walked in the Atlantic Ocean on May 19, 2012. Every cottage needs its rituals: Scrabble tourneys, costume day, mini regattas - that sort of thing. As part of ours I think we'll record the first and latest dips in the Atlantic. It's not for the faint of heart. Even in high summer, the water temp can stay at just 17C, which is brisk. But, as the saying goes in our family: "It's nice once you get in." When I look at my camera roll I realize that I just can't stop taking pictures of the beach. And yet each is the same serene swathes of bright blue sky, dunes, grass, sand, water. Photo after photo basically the same. Not sure if/when I'll stop doing this. When will the beach seem normal and not utterly breathtaking? Part of me hopes that day may never come. 

PS. don't you love the little patterns that the swirling water is making as the waves bubble in and wash over my toes and the sand. I'm pretty sure that should be a fabric or wallpaper. 

Plans are starting to take shape for a cottage full of family this summer and I couldn't be happier about it.