lester the blue lobster

***UPDATE: note, I refer to the blue one as "that little guy", however, I do not know the sex. Yes, there are boy lobsters and girl lobsters, and I have it on good authority from my East Coast peeps that when you are buying lobster to cook and eat, you should always request female lobsters. Much more tasty.

Check it! I told you there are blue lobsters in real life - and orange ones and freckled ones, too. But that blue guy - what an amazing colour. Next time I am called upon to name paint colours (it has only happened once but I live in a perpetual state of preparedness for the next time), I will for sure be naming a blue paint colour after that little guy: Lobster Blue, Lester Blue, Blue Lobster, Claw Blue, Crustacean Cerulean...just spitballing a few ideas.

Read more about the phenomenon of coloured lobsters in the HuffPo.

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