art by tiago araujo

This artwork makes me weak in the knees. Love. The artist is Tiago Araujo. Tiago used to work at the lovely Toronto shop Angus & Co., but clearly his talents were not being fully realized at retail (no insult to retailers, since I well know you have your own unique set of talents.). See Tiago's portfolio here. And why not buy a piece?

Watercolour on vintage text...

gold leaf on vintage Japanese garden text...can you believe how pretty?

and finally...a room rendering. I'd like to live here. The little decorating lesson here is that the paint colour of the interior of the front door is just as important as the exterior.

Ode to Laura Stoddart. Do you know her work? When I see her illustrations I am transported. She draws magical creatures in just the best outfits -- and a whole menagerie of topiaries! Just discovered she has another anthology out that I don't have yet. It's called All for Love and is a collection of verses about -- you guessed it -- love. Includes Shakespeare and Dorothy Parker -- love her, too. Found this excerpt online:

I will be great and you rich, because we love each other. Victor Hugo

Wow. I'm off to buy it online now. Meanwhile, here are some examples of her work -- books, Crabtree & Evelyn label illustrations, dinnerware for Portmeirion. Enjoy.