ill said


There is quiet in the city. It must be why I love the dead of night so much. A big dose of quiet soothes the lingering effects of a Monday with a few low notes. But let's end the day recounting the high notes.

1. I had fun compiling a new blog post for House & Home today. It'll be posted tomorrow so I hope you'll swing by the read it. Pretty sure the technology doesn't exist yet for me to link you to something that isn't even posted yet, so I hope your nose won't be too out of joint to find your way over there on your own.

2. I was very pleased to register today at to be kept abreast of all developments on the topic of Ben Pentreath's new book English Decoration. I have two thoughts: a) how did he manage to get the url - can't believe it was available. b) do I dare hope for a book tour with a Toronto stop?

3. I read some of Jane's blog today. An elegant and true voice, always.

4. I worked a 12-hour day at the office to try to get ahead on a few things and came home to a delicious dinner made, plated and ready. So lucky.

5. I had a lovely time exploring the work of Briggs Edward Solomon this evening. Many of the images familiar from Pinterest but several I had never seen before. The one above captures a state of mind I am striving for: bright, clean and uncluttered. I have been feeling the need to off-load lately. This morning I finally said goodbye to a favourite pair of silver flats that I've been wearing around the house despite gaping holes in each sole. Time to get rid of that stuff Margot!