nature = paint colour names

I've been thinking about paint colours recently, 'cause, you know, that's just the kind of girl I am. I took this snap when I was on vacay this summer -- off the north shore of PEI. When I look at it, the pic kind of reminds me of how they depict heaven in the movies -- the sky, the light, and then George Burns' voice... But today I look at it and see probably about 30 different paint colours with names like: Cirrus White, Morning Ray, Atlantic Blue, Surf, Shadow Grey, Deep Sea, Oceanic, First Light, Horizon, Calm Sea....

new at ikea

Dear Edland, I have a crush on you. IKEA, you've done it again! Ever since I visited IKEA HQ on a press trip (well, before that, but the trip really cemented it) I've not been very journalistic and unbiased when it comes to the Swedish furniture giant. On the trip they wined me, they dined me, they let me see the prop room for the catalogue shoot, they introduced me to charming Swiss designer, Nicolas Cortolezzis. It was one of those pinch-me career moments like this one. Pure inspiration (and maybe a bit of brain washing)! 

My job takes me to IKEA about 3 or 4 times per month. Mr. Austin and I have even been known to have dinner and breakfast dates there, too (can't beat the $1 breakfast). It was after a recent breakfast rendez-vous with my beloved that I took a store tour and spotted this very pretty new line. Meet Edland. Edland is all curvy lines, jewelry-like pulls and chicest of chic slate grey paint. Take a look. (there's a white four-poster bed in the Edland line, too, but I've been there and done that. I have that bed in its previous incarnation, the yellow Hemnes, which I painted white). 

tall boy, linen chest and vanity are my faves -- WANT!

BTW, this is the best time to shop IKEA -- the new catalogue stuff is coming in every day but the crowds won't hit until Aug. Check things out online first if you like here.

One last note. If I could use any of my editorial powers to change something at IKEA I would do 2 things: bring back the croissant with the $1 breakfast and bring back lingonberry juice to the resto.