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french bulldog tea light holders

I am kind of a crazy dog lady, but I really try hard not to cross the line. You know the line I mean. The line between having dog stuff that's tasteful and in a quantity that keeps me off Hoarders and, well, the other side of that line. I think the other side begins with mugs and custom Ts and totes and ends in a downward spiral of figurines, needlepoint pillows other other affronts to good taste. But opinions on the line vary. So how's a girl to know? Me, I do a bit of a gut check. When I see an item like these little French bulldog tealight holders I spark up an inner dialogue that goes something like this:

Me: "Oh, little Frenchies, aren't they so cute!?"

Me again: "Hmmm, not sure, the front legs are weird and I kinda don't get the design concept behind putting a tealight on a wee doggy's back. The form is not enhancing the light quality in any way (as the lovely crosshatched design of the cups is)."

Me: "But I love the chalky white finish and the classic grumpy bulldog expression on their faces. So fun."

Me again: "But does the world need another tealight holder? Remember Margot, you pretty much resolved a few years ago that the IKEA Galej or a similar versions in mercury glass fulfill the form and style requirements for the category of tea light holders, rendering all others redundant. Do not buy these." 

Me: "You're right self, I don't need these. I don't want these. Plus, when's the last time I lit a tea light? I prefer poured scented candles or tapers anyway."

I feel I have made the sane style decision by not buying them, but I only got there by talking to myself...but I assure you it wasn't out loud. 

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