golden pears

So, late late the other night I gilded some pears --  ya know, just 'cause I happened to have pears and some gold leaf.  I'm quite chuffed with myself over these little beauties. They are quite ravishing. I started with the most darling little Forelle pears -- tiny and perfect. In theory you could gild fruit with edible gold leaf -- the kind they sprinkle on pastries. But Lord knows where you find that stuff. Instead, I went with what I had on hand. I held the stem of each pear, gave it a quick spray with Easy Tack spray adhesive and then used my fingertip to pick up cut up sections of gold leaf that've been sitting around our house for ages. I know it's quite wasteful of me to treat food in this manner but I did it on a whim and now I'm imagining a whole tiered arrangement of gilded fruits -- Lady apples, apricots, kumquats. Can't help myself. I find leafing -- gold or silver -- to be so much more satisfying than painting -- it really seems like magic. Makes we want to run around the house and gold leaf everything...


kate spade's gold bows

Kate Spade is super cheeky. Interviewed her once for the Holt Renfrew mag. Met her and her cute hubby, Andy, at a Holts party. Love them. They live the life in NYC and do their best to make the world a happier, more stylish place.  Such a noble mission. Love them for it. Wish her web site shipped north of the 49th -- check out these pieces from her jewelry collection -- adorbs. Could be that the necklace is a touch de trop but it does make you smile, doesn't it? Sweet and perfect for a holiday party, just add LBD and hot date.