a touch of frost

I am sooo not a morning person. On those rare occasions when I am up early, I really savour the scene, the quiet and the light (OK, after a bit of grumbling). Today was one of those days. It wasn't even that early when I got up today - 8:30. But on a Sunday, and a day when everyone else was soaking up an extra hour of sleep, it felt very early. I bundled myself and my wee dog up and we headed out on a walk. The scene was breathtaking. Crisp autumn air and everything in sight was kissed by frost. Autumn is my favourite season. There is beauty everywhere, and watching the colours change and mellow everyday fills me with wonder. These shots are from my next door neighbour's front garden in Tweed. Each shot makes me think how amazing it would be to capture this beauty in a fabric or wallpaper design. And the possible paint colours are endless. 



Lutyens bench

Lutyens bench, Restoration HardwareI just so love this piece. It's the Lutyens bench, named for its designer Sir Edwin Lutyens. Sir Edwin, or Ned as he was known, was a totally bril architect and landscape designer who lived and worked in England in the late 19th and early 20th century. To be honest, I don't know enough about him, but what I know, I like -- stunning country houses, beautiful gardens designed with the legendary Gertrude Jekyll, and this lovely garden classic. Ned created the kinds of spaces where novels unfold. Fantasy worlds of allées and knot gardens and grand terraces. Like living sets for costume dramas. Dreamy!

 Hestercombe gardens, Taunton, Somerset, UKsuper fun red lacquer version!

Ode to Laura Stoddart. Do you know her work? When I see her illustrations I am transported. She draws magical creatures in just the best outfits -- and a whole menagerie of topiaries! Just discovered she has another anthology out that I don't have yet. It's called All for Love and is a collection of verses about -- you guessed it -- love. Includes Shakespeare and Dorothy Parker -- love her, too. Found this excerpt online:

I will be great and you rich, because we love each other. Victor Hugo

Wow. I'm off to buy it online now. Meanwhile, here are some examples of her work -- books, Crabtree & Evelyn label illustrations, dinnerware for Portmeirion. Enjoy.