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nyc flower markets

Have you ever been to the wholesale flower markets in New York? I love going to flower markets when I travel. These photos are from late March - just the beginning of spring flower season. The shelves were TEEMING with blooms. At this place above they stack the bunches on their sides on 10-ft high metro shelving carts. 

Tulips, tulips and more tulips.

The flowers and plants spill out onto the street along 28th St. And, by the way, I'm happy to report that anyone can go into these places - you don't have to be a pro.

Ranunculus for days!!

This place was totally jaw-dropping -- an entire store lined with 9 and 10 ft high blooming branches -- mostly cherry when I was there. It was so crazy amazing. Why why why can't we have access to this stuff in Canada? This is the modern era people - put them on a truck! Sigh.

I came across this fun video interview with Carolyn Roehm taped in the Flower district. Kinda fun. One of my fave aspects is the sound -- get a load of the hustle and bustle - the place is busy and LOUD. Hey, it's NYC, whaddya expect? And three more things: 1. Could she be more chic? 2. That. Hat. 3. Peonies and garden roses. Of course. 

Peonies and roses. I share Carolyn's love of these two. I snapped these beauties at my place after doing a shoot with Virginia Macdonald. The story appears in the July 2013 issue of House & Home - on stands right about now. 



favourite places: flower markets

Don't get me wrong, I love a crisp grey autumn day -- they are my faves and all about sweaters and scarves, merino wool and corduroy and denim. But sometimes on a grey day some cheerful blooms are warranted. Well, really cheerful blooms are warranted every day. So today I've been looking over pics I've taken at flower markets I've seen on my travels. In Toronto, I go to the flower markets at Avenue Rd and Davenport when I need blooms for styling, but I like in some cities how flower markets seem to just pop up on the street corner. Feast your eyes on these lovelies.