flea market

antique markets: aberfoyle and freelton

Mr. A and I sure like antiquing. In fact, our second date was a fun treasure hunt in Toronto's Leslieville neighbourhood, followed by a long chat at a nearby café. Since then, we've gotten up before dawn more times that we can count to sell or shop or both. We've camped out in a tent at the Christie Antique Show in all kinds of weather to sell, and then shopped by flashlight in the pitch black before sunrise and long before the gates opened. We've been to the Paris flea markets, and Portobello and Bermondsey on London. Every time we visit New York, we check out the 26th St flea, even though it keeps getting smaller and smaller. There's one dealer in the garage flea who knows us and remembers us every time. She has the coolest quirkiest stuff. 

Last Sunday was a real treat for us -- we haven't been antiquing together in so long. We hit the Aberfoyle Antique Market in Aberfoyle, just outside Guelph, Ont. and then the Freelton co-op, just down the road from Aberfoyle. To be honest, it was a bit slim pickin's out there. It's end of season and it was drizzly. But we've been at this long enough to know that some days are more fruitful than others. We just enjoyed what we saw and being together. 

This would make the most excellent kitchen island. Either painted up in dark grey or as is in all it's industrial primitive glory.

I've been kinda obsessed with director's chairs lately so I really wanted these, but the seats were just barely wide enough for my behind -- could never deal with a chair as a constant reminder of girth -- I've got skinny jeans to do that.

Old corbels -- always love and there a just so many ways to reinvent them. These ones had a perfect degree of decrepitude and were a good versatile size.

These three were just standing around waiting to be made into lamps.

His and hers Cruisers in my favourite colour were murder to resist, but the timing just wasn't quite right for these in my life. That's the thing about antiquing -- gotta be the right price AND the right time for the find to enter your life or you have to walk away.

Nancy Drew, I will always wish I was you!

Hardy Boys (aka Shawn and Parker), I will always remember the crush I had on you.

Happy and a touch Scandi.

Mother of pearl handled silver tea strainer -- there is no valid reason why you did not come home with me. You should have -- there's always one that gets away.

Truly nobody ever got telephone design right after this one...and now it's too late. I haven't had a land line in 3 years.

Here's the lone winner. We couldn't leave empty-handed so this little table came home with us. It will get a new top and a coat of pant -- there's a drawer in the bottom part. Love the turned spool legs.

The morning ended with a classic diner brunch -- small town service, no waiting, seat yourself, no 'tude, no fancypants eggs benny ten ways, no soy latte, no homemade granola and greek yogurt option -- just 2 eggs over easy, toast, side of sausage and a toasted western + home fries, lots of coffee -- perfect.



show and tell and more

'Memba the other day when I was telling you how much I'm loving orange? Well, here's a recent orange purchase I wanted to bring here for Show and Tell. So, get a load of the cuteness/coolness of this set. It's Japanese and I guess I would call it a coffee set. But man, those cups are petite -- back in the day when this was made (I'm guessing the '70s) they sure didn't swill coffee by the vente cup -- a vente likely wouldn't even fit in the pot. The 4 cups, pot and cream and sugar set me back all of $4. Can you believe? I found it at one of my fave thrift haunts: Hidden Treasures in the lovely village of Tweed, ON, where I spend as many weekends as I can. The place lives up to its name time and time again. 

And speaking of Hidden Treasures, I gave it a recco recently in the pages of STYLE AT HOME, along with the Bridgewater Trading Co antique co-op in Tweed and Funk N Grüven, an antiques shop in Belleville. This week I received a kind of a snippy handwritten letter from a reader from a town near Tweed. She felt compelled to remind me (on the piece of lined yellow scratch pad paper she chose as stationery) that Hidden Treasures is a thrift store that supports a charity and I really should have suggested that people make donations in addition to buying items there. Oy vey, a gal can't win! Mea culpa baby.

And 2 more topics for today:

1. The nature of blog content.

I don't want to get into the details, but between a very demanding work sched and some very important days spent at the hospital with my parents, I've experienced some blog ennui. So much of the goings on hereabouts seem just so very unimportant in the big picture. Who cares what 10 furniture items I hate? Who cares how cool it is to paint your floor white? Who cares what designers and bloggers are in the in-crowd? Who cares about seeing yet another shot from the Domino archive? Right now I don't care about many of these things. I also recently read Jane's post about keeping up with the bloggers here and overheard Jane and Chelsea on Twitter about the endless re-hashing of content and I kinda agreed. I'm certainly guilty (as recently as yesterday!) of this and would like to change things up a bit. I'm going to work on that. Ennui begone!

2. My photo above. 

Here's just a tiny step in the direction of offering something new here. The photo of my beloved coffee set is a shot I took while messing around with my iPhone. It's the Hipstamatic app with the Jimmy lens and Kodot film. 


I'm baaack. And wishing I was headed on a road trip to Brimfield, Mass. Unbelievably cool stuff and so mind-bogglingly much of it. Here's a taste. photos: margot austin

Love the giant wire spheres!

Need a hand? glove forms

Lunch from D&L Lobster Express - a must

Fun nautical stuff -- great colours!

Mora clocks and more from Sweden to Massachusetts

Wicked cool bamboo cabinets with faux-book fronts

textiles....my weakness.
the best salvage. Love the Japanese fish floats in nets.