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republic of boring

Take a moment to look at this screen capture of some of the latest offerings from Banana Republic. Have you fallen asleep or turned into your mother yet? What is up? La Banane used to be one of my regulars. I could always find something to love. But oh my goodness this stuff is just awful, the colours, the cut, the styling: wrongo. And Lord knows I love my Janie Bryant and having a Twitter chat with her was a highlight, but that Mad Men collection - not much better than what's here. Thought these folks were stepping up their game given the J. Crew invasion of Canada and the Joe Fresh invasion of Manhattan. This is not a game that looks stepped up. Joe Fresh on the other hand is KILLING IT!

So, prob shopping my closet or Joe for something to wear for a little TV thing coming up. Camera-friendly garb is a challenge for me - I keep trying but have never mastered it. Then there's the mani issue...oh, and prepping the actual content of the segment.