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hermann czech chair

I have a bit of a thing for a shapely chair -- almost any shapely chair, and, well, most of them are shapely, so really that means any chair. Today's ode is to the Hermann Czech chair. It's having a moment and I would love to have 1 or 4 of them. Want want want, but realistically probably won't buy, so I will content myself, as I so often do, with some pretty pictures. Please join in the fun...

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And a spin through IKEA recently revealed this little lovely that's part of the latest PS collection. Very much in the spirit, don't you think?

In praise of the messy bed. In the world of magazine styling you've got your messy bed mags and your neatly made bed mags - rarely does one pub veer into the other's territory. At STYLE AT HOME, where I work, we are generally in the neat bed camp, with a few exceptions. But tonight I'm feeling the messy bed vibe.

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