house & home kitchens & baths issue

If you pass by a newsstand someday soon (in Canada or the US) I hope you might find this, take it to the cash register, purchase it, bring it home and enjoy it. It's a little something I've been cooking up. Sure, I've worked on tons of printed mags during my career: TV Guide (about 112 issues), Canadian Living (about 65 issues), IMAGES (about 10 issues), that other decorating mag (about 117 issues)...and there are more titles, but I won't bore you with my CV. Each time a newly printed issue lands in my hands I get a little flutter of excitement. I still marvel at seeing my name in print. I still feel excited to see how a photo I styled or interior shoot I oversaw or story I wrote will look printed. It's a reminder that I've chosen the right line of work. The day I feel blasé about a newly printed issue will be the day I know it's time to find a new gig. But this issue is different for one reason:

Um, so, that's ME!!!!!! Can you believe it? Not gonna lie, not gonna play it cool. This is HUGE. This is where every magaziner wants to land. If you had told me a year ago that this would happen I would have said you were crazy. It has been quite a year for me both personally and professionally. It's like Conan said "Amazing things will happen."

Just to whet your appetite, i'd like to share a couple of related links. First of all, to complement the issue the House & Home web site has a great feature Blogger's Favourite Budget Kitchen Makeover Tips. Check it! Also over on the H&H site, I'm loving the video tour of Kai's kitchen, which is featured in this issue -- you will never believe how little she paid for her cabinets and where she found them. Total score! And learn more about that stunning cover kitchen in Kimberley Brown's blog post

You may not be able to read it here -- but you will when you buy the issue ;-) -- just below my portrait is a little invitation to Join the Conversation. I really really really want to know your feedback -- the good, the bad and the ugly. Don't worry, I can take it. Be honest. Once you've had a chance to read the issue, whip over to the H&H Facebook page and jot down a wall post with some thoughts. This is the Internets -- it's all about communication. Of course, you can also @ us on the T-Dub: @houseandhome and @margotaustin

And here's one last inside scoop: I wrote out my name about 50 times before deciding on this version - HA! 

PS. I'm just back from Prince Edward Island and I have sooo much to tell you about that too.