door sixteen

downstairs bathroom reno

The M word crept into my life recently: mold ((((shudders)))). You know on the TV shows when they see a few specs of mold on drywall and then the whole team stops. The homeowners are told to move out. The Hazmat team arrives in white jumpsuits to get it all out and save the day. Ya, well, that's not how it goes down in real life. In real life you pop on a paper mask, grab a pry bar and a drywall saw and cut that dark nasty stuff out and leave it in the driveway. Then you call a contractor. Well, the assessment is in and with the help of a team of experts we are launching a multi-pronged defense against the onslaught of water and unwanted resulting fungi. The upshot: we need a new bathroom on our lower level.

I've been pinning like a madwoman and racing around to the big box stores. My top criteria: cheap. Next on my list: black floor, white walls, and oh yes, cheap. I lucked into finding this great detailed post on Door Sixteen. This golden oldie circa 2009 by Anna Dorfman is exactement the look I'm going for. Truthfully I think this is one of the very best DIY blog posts ever in the history of the universe. Helpful detail shots, originality, incredibly detailed background info plus great comments and thoughtful answers. Ms. Dorfman has a new fan in me. So, here's her bathroom. Now, go see the rest of Door Sixteen.