dior encore

If you've been visiting, then you know I have a bit of a thing for Dior. The affair continues. This ad is just so very pretty. The digital version is in my latest copy of VIVmag. In VIV you can click on one of the balloons and the TV spot plays. See what I mean about digital publishing being super WOW? I was clicking around trying to find out a bit about the TV spot and found out that it was directed by Sofia Coppola. Aaaah, makes sense -- definitely has a Marie Antoinette vibe. The song is the divine Brigitte Bardot singing Moi je joue -- also love. Sorry, I haven't a clue how to embed a video clip in a blog post. But if you go to the Dior web site you can see it and see the exquisite Miss Dior Chérie Diary. It's like a pop-up book with animation. So INCREDIBLE. Select the TV spot or diary on the right after clicking here.

ps, there's that gorgeous Dior grey colour and the Paris atelier entryway above. sigh

delish dior

Today I felt like something fabulous. Something beyond the best. Something from a dream. So, where did I look? Dior Couture, naturalment. It did not disappoint. John Galliano is a magician. He is known not only for his exquisite garments, but also as a showman without equal. But this particular collection he chose to show at the Avenue Montainge atelier in Paris. So retro. So intimate. So Carmel Snow (it was she who dubbed the Dior 1947 collection the New Look). I remember one time when I was in Paris with an afternoon to myself I made the trip to fashion mecca, Avenue Montaigne. I took a half-dozen photos of the Dior doorway (and this was before digital). That Dior dove grey is on my love-it-forever list. But enough rambling. Here's what I'm talking about:




source: style.com (runway). exterior (trendland)