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gone dotty

My new digital addiction is Dots. Here's a screen cap above. Isn't it pretty? I'm not much of a gamer, but this thing I love. It's on the iPad and my phone, and whenever I have a few minutes I dive into a few games. Mr. A and I of course have a healthy competition going. The aim is simple -- connect as many like-coloured dots as you can in 60 seconds. That's it. People wiat in lines overnight for the latest version of Halo or the newest console. Me, I'll take Dots anyday. No guns, no blood, no rape, no killing. Just connect the pretty dots. I particularly like that it's like an interactive Damien Hirst painting.

Here's a real-deal Hirst from the ELLE Decor site but by the watermark, once published in Metropolitan Home (RIP). Killer artwork. Designers of this space are Regan Bice and Andrew Fischer. I love those Danish chairs, and the styling of the dining table (a trick I use often too). The rest? Meh, looks a little cold and uninviting to me.

One can create one's own Dots masterpiece thanks to these Blik Sweet 16 wall decals. These have been around for a while and I dig them a lot. 

Here's the man himself and his dotty Vipp trash can. This limited edition was created for the opening of Oslo's Astrup Fearnly Museet in Sept. 2012. They sold for the equivalent to $590 Canadian. Sheesh, that's some trash bin. But I will say this -- have never seen a trash bin that made me smile so much. Maybe that's worth close to $600.

But this Damien Hirst Spotted Mini is the pièce de résistance. This little number was on display at the opening of the exhibit "Piston Head: Artists Engage the Automobile" at Art Basel Miami. I. Would. Die. to own this. Or even just take it for a spin. Although, if I owned a car like this I think I would feel quite a bit of pressure to come up with an outfit that would work with it every day. Not match it, just go with it. Have I mentioned before my belief in the fact that the world is rightly ordered when one's clothing suits one's vehicle? No? Well, I'm freaky that way. Let's just say that since I started driving my black Jetta I've been wearing my long black trench coat a lot more ;-) I feel very secret agenty and I may or may not have experimented with a Franka Potente accent exclaiming "Scheiße!" to people who cut me off. Come to think of it, Franka may be German like my Jetta but she drove a Mini in The Bourne Identity...so there you go. And also, please note that this isn't a Mini Cooper...it's a vintage Austin Mini...boom!


current obsession: spin art

There it is on the right -- spin art. I'm mad for this stuff right now. It does seem very childish in a way, so it is quite right for this play room designed by Laura Day. But for me it's just an outright celebration of colour. Pure and simple -- and chic.

The spin art in this home -- the very stylish pad of Jimmy Choo shoe guru Tamara Mellon (from Elle DECOR)-- is by Damien Hirst. He seems to be the only big time artist doing spin art. And he's making a killing selling the stuff. Everything he touches turns to gold. I'm also a fan of his spot paintings -- again, just colour, pure and simple. He's a very controversial figure in art. Many call him a fraud. He's one of those artists who has a factory. In other words, he employs others to make his art. In fact, he has been quoted as saying that his own spot paintings were "fucking shite". He only did 5 of them. The rest are by employees. Hmmm. Don't care and still like them. Though of course I'd never be able to afford one anyway, so the authenticity debate is moot. 

But back to spin art. Here's the principle: pour globs of paint onto a spinning surface and the centrifugal force pushing the paint out to the edges greats the pattern. Neat. Every time it's different. I was searching You Tube and My Space for video of spin art being made and found a collaboration between Damien Hirst and John Cusack. Yes, that's right. Lloyd Dabler aka Martin Blank. That's him on the right below. See all the cups of paint. 

They pour them over the railing onto this:

check out the vid here

Damien also does spin art cars:

And the best best best part about spin art: There's an App for that. Once discovered, I promptly downloaded it to my trusty iPhone and here are some of my own digital masterpieces.



Oh yeah, and apparently you can make spin art with a salad spinner. Check out the how-to at Brassy Apple. Dying to try this.