graceful spaces

Hey ho. Haven't been 'round in a while, so sorry. I've missed you. I'm feeling betwixt and between -- there's some weird stuff going on in the news right now and it's countdown to shoot day so stress levels are high. The best thing to do is look at pretty pictures -- always soothes and helps me escape from....well, just escape. 

Ah, so soft and delicate and lovely, and that mirror -- a beaut! (also note my current obsession -- the super-fat rounded corner turkish cushion -- love).

Fully and completely designed and decorated. Truly I could spend days lost in the detail of this space -- art, upholstery, trim, prints, accessories. And that's just a love-it-forever palette of pale blues and greens with tons of cream and hits of yummy chocolate.

creamy loveliness plus a fireside vignette that's just right for the crisp days to come.

1 & 2. Ashley Whittaker. 3. John Bessler photo. 4. Gil Schafer.


tweed decorating

The time has come. My pretty kitchen (I hope that doesn't sound boastful, I do love her) has been pleading with me to bring her neighbouring rooms up to snuff and I've decided to comply. I'm pulled in so many decorating directions -- occupational hazzard -- but for this project suitability will be my watchword. The home is a century old dowager in rural Ontario so no Domino razzle dazzle for her. Tweed House will be warm and inviting, she will be linen and wool, flax and cream. She will be fine antiques, she will be not-so-fine antiques. This is the beginning. There, it's official. Samples samples samples......

inside scoop: left side of this photo is blank because at photo shoot time I hadn't decided on what style stool I wanted. I borrowed this one by Magis --  but the store only had one. We took a second version of this shot with the stool on the left, then the Photoshop wizzes at the office knit them togther and voila, there were two, see:

btw: lest you think that I decorate with text, the words on the top right are display text from the STYLE AT HOME article. No stencil letters or peel and stick words for me thanks.

photos: donna griffith