cottage living

cottage living - not so fresh ideas

So, I saw this magazine on the newsstand the other day and I thought: "Oh, that's kind of a pretty cover." And then I realized that Cottage Living ceased publication a couple of years ago. I thought: "Maybe this is a collection of some of the mag's best stuff. Maybe I should get it." Then I read the bottom right corner:

Holy cow! I know mags are having tough times and editors and publishers are doing some crazy stuff, but seriously a "Reissue of a reader favourite" I felt totally cheated -- and very relieved that I realized before I got it to the cash register 'cause you see, I ALREADY OWN this magazine. Why are they trying to sell it to me again?? And yes, it is the EXACT SAME publication that came out several YEARS ago -- not so Fresh Ideas after all. And the even more irksome fact to point out is that when it came out the first time it was what we in the biz call a Special Interest Publication. In other words, an issue containing photos and stories that have ALREADY run in the main magazine (in this case the now-defunct Cottage Living, which was only available in the US). Most mags re-package photos for SIPs, this keeps production costs down so that revenue is maximized. But in this case it's the third time around for this content and they didn't even bother to try to "re-package". I bet they are fooling lots of people out there. And I have to ask myself -- did they pay the stylists and photographers and writers for third rights?