cool stuff

new at ikea

They've done it again! Here's a whole whack (sp?) of cool new stuff at IKEA:

so ingenious, this little guy (Stockholm, $140) rotates to reveal a tricky little storage compartment!

OK, the Poang chair itself is not news but that fabric cover (Karlsro, $80) is dynamite! Totally calls to mind the work of Joseph Frank (see the fabric on the wing chair).

Mr. Moose hook rack on the left at IKEA (Sprallig $20) is very similar to the one on the right from Thorsten Van Elten ($120). Hmmm...

pretty. Odmjuk, $13.

so minimal and Shaker-inspired. Must have a pair. Bjorkefall, $8.

A kitchen sink may not seem that exciting, but this one (left) ROCKS! So modern and minimal all for less than $300 (Bredskar)! The Blanco version on the right is $1,700!

love this chair (Solvar $75)! It's made of a paper fibre and looks like an earthy version of the Bertoia side chair. 

This could be good, but I'd switch the legs for some tapered wooden ones. Klippan, $100.