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Work continues in this little corner of the interwebs. During a flurry of deleting and rearranging last week I came to the realization that anyone who has ever linked to this space will likely be left with dead end links by the time I am done. Lots of people have been finding me these days via Pinterest. Oops, not any more. I've condensed the portfolio pages considerably and I'm not done yet.

As for blogging, well, after much consideration and being very close to throwing in the towel on the whole thing, I think I'm going to forge ahead keep at it. Or get back at it, I guess might be more to the point. My blogging over at House & Home will amount to a post every two weeks. I think that leaves room for me to continue here. My challenge will be determining what posts fit on which site. I think it will come down to deadlines. In other words, whatever post I'm thinking of at the time one is due for H&H will be the one that goes there. Very unscientific. 

I'm not very techy. The people at my hosting company offer templates, so my refresh amounts to just opting for a new template with just a little customizing -- the minor sort that I can manage on my own. One thing that is making me crazy is that all the linking, tags and stuff at the end of each post is all stretched out over several lines. It's so dumb and ugly and I can't figure out how to have it run on and only take up a couple of lines. Frustrating.

As for structure, I've decided to add separate blog streams for the Tweed House and Whale Cottage PEI. I still get many e-mails asking for information about the Tweed House kitchen and bathroom, so I think it makes sense for me to add searchable entries that list the sources. I plan to pull over old posts from the blog archive that are related to the house. I'll be laying this groundwork in anticipation of more posts to come in the year or so ahead. We will be resuming reno and decorating work at the house and I'm looking forward to sharing the inspiration and experiences here. 

As for Whale Cottage PEI, we are counting down the days to the first spring visit - hopefully over the May long weekend. We are also anticipating some print coverage of the interior coming up this summer. Until then, I won't be able to reveal too much about the decorating. But I do hope to share other related stories and inspiration. After publication I look forward to sharing lots of behind the scenes posts about our process last summer. I'm already cooking up some tweaks and additions. Plus, I have a million ideas for the exterior and yard to share. 

I have no idea how to have separate blog streams that also feed into the main blog, so for now they will remain as separate tabs. I do know how to set the latest one as the home page, so I guess I may do that for whichever one is the most recent post. 

Also on my to do list is revising the blog roll/links situation. Mine are so out of date and not well positioned. Must fix!

I also need to solve some network access issues. Until last fall, I had a Bell Internet stick that I used for Internet access in Tweed. It was slow but it worked. When Mr. A. and I upgraded our phones to 4S last fall I ditched the Bell stick thinking the phones would have us covered thanks to the Personal Hot Spot function. Wrongo! The Rogers network is sooooo weak in Tweed that I can't upload a photo. So frustrating. Not having access on the weekends puts a crimp in blogging big time. I think the easy solution is the new iPad with some Bell 4G access. But it just isn't in the budget right now (see above re: Tweed reno costs!).

It's a strange position to be in, being asked to speak to a group of bloggers (Blog Podium) and being interviewed by a national newspaper on the topic when my own space is in such a state of flux. You'd be forgiven for thinking me a hypocrite. Also, I do believe I've been quoted numerous times saying how important it is to keep blog posts short. HA!

In the future I will strive to follow my own advice....or simply ignore it. Isn't the freedom to do whatever you want half the fun the whole point of blogging?