bev Hisey

felt up

I went to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design museum for the first time last week. It's in the most incredible Georgian manor. So incredible in fact that the building was stealing my attention away from the exhibits, but that's fine with me. Was proud to see some Can Con in the Fashioning Felt exhibit that's on now through Sept. Kathryn Walter of FELT Studio in Toronto was well-represented and was the creator of my favourite piece. Love this felt companion to the building's existing boiserie. Loved the concept of merging the new material with the existing environment -- perhaps Kathryn knew I'd be looking at the woodwork?

detail of the felt moulding.

Also on display were these fun felt rocks by Vancouver's Molo Design:

And ever since researching a story on the trend of lace motifs in design a few years ago, have had a felty-soft spot in my heart for this groovy chair by Danish Designer Louise Campbell (I think we should make her an honorary Canadian just 'cause her name is so darn maple-leafy). It's called the Prince Chair and was designed for a competition to design a chair for Denmark's Prince Frederik. I prefer it in white (as shown at the Cooper-Hewitt) but could only find a pic of this black version, manufactured by Hay.

Was a bit sad and surprised that there was nothing from Bev Hisey in the exhibit. When I think of felt in decorative arts, I think of her first.