alessandra branca

designers i admire: alessandra branca

She does warm, rich, layered rooms. She does red like nobody else. She's a fabric fanatic. She's an Italian Chicagoan. She's about daybeds and bed hangings, upholstered walls, velvet chairs, libraries, formal dining rooms and mouldings. She loves tartan. She once upholstered the walls of a bedroom in cashmere-and-wool felt. Um, yeah, that's totally genius! She does Turkish style cushions -- those round edged super-plump ones. I'm quite obsessed with that design right now. I love her work. I'd give anything to be curled up in one of these rooms today -- so yummy and overstuffed. 

I implore you, you really must get her book. It's like a master class in decorating. Better yet, if you buy it from her web site you get an autographed copy. Click here.

PS. Dearest Bloggersons, so sorry to have forsaken you for a whole week. You've been clicking over here and I have had nothing to offer you. Please forgive my poor manners. I promise everything's back on track. When you stop by next, the kettle will be on for tea and our visits over matters of style will continue as before. Some exciting times are ahead, including a lecture at the Kravet/Lee Jofa showroom by another of my faves, Eric Cohler. Can't wait.