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more daybed love

Just wanted to drop by to draw your attention to these two cuties. I won't wax on again about my longstanding love affair with the daybed, but if you are unfamiliar you can hop over to this post to get up to speed. 

First up is this fantastic piece from West Elm. It's part of the Parsons line of furniture -- which is all genius. The styling here is very pretty as well (except for those lame cushions on the floor on the left -- what's up with those? How come nobody in creative said -- what's up with those, let's photoshop them out.) But I digress. I could also see this done up with some pretty block prints.

...like the lovely Chatri quilt and sham combo from John Robshaw. And speaking of block print quilts I've got a little beef with West Elm over its discontinuation of almost all of its print quilts. Makes me sad. If you are quick you'll still find some for sale on the web site.

And here's the Parsons daybed all naked so you can see the bonus -- a trundle bed. Yay, so perfect! 

And then there's this excellent piece, the Jamie daybed, from West Elm's sibling PB Teen. I don't mind revealing that it's a bit of a favourite secret source. No need for kids or teens in your life to find good stuff there. The task lighting, carpets and some of the bedding all have appeal beyond the teen demographic. Mind you, the styling here definitely says "teen".

It's much easier to imagine the possibilities of this thing -- and to see its virtues more clearly -- when it's stripped back. Love that it has a back (so much better if you need it to do double duty as a sofa) and because it's upholstered and slipcovered it looks a bit more substantial than the WE version. This one comes in full (shown) or twin size. 

For the record, one of my favourite daybeds seen in editorial:

This is the NYC studio of Ellen O'Neill. The daybed is upholstered in a muted toile but what I really love is the undoneness of this styling. We in the print biz can't often get away with this sort of thing. But O'Neill is a styling superstar. Trust me, if you consume design you've seen her work often and her own homes even more. I tip my hat to her, to photographer Thomas Loof and to House Beautiful for this wonderful editorial. You can see the rest of it here

PS. Just in case you were wondering, this is not a sponsored post. No posts here are sponsored, ever. I take no advertising and I write what I like. That's all.



pretty paisley

Me, I like paisley. I have since I was a little girl. Look at these pretty things. Paisley has a few moods - a bit boho, a lot preppy, sometimes mod, sometimes super trad. Paisley and stripes - forever love. I'm doing this post about paisley because I can't manage to collect my thoughts about so many other things. There's that whole New York Times piece on digital magazines, there's Million Dollar Decorators, there's the Tweed House reno (or lack of one)...I don't know where to start on any of these topics. They are so much more complex than paisley.

Here in Toronto, there used to be a shop called The Paisley Shop. It was a fine antiques shop and not only was it in one of my favourite buildings in the city -- but I think that is one of the best shop names. Ever. The one-time Paisley Shop is now home to Seventy Seven, flagship location for Pink Tartan and Kim Newport-Mimran and her favourite things. It's located at 77 Yorkville, hence the name. They heavily renovated the building. I haven't been able to bring myself to go in. Partly because I'm prob not cool or skinny or rich enough to shop there and partly because, well, it's not The Paisley Shop.

That's all for today. Thanks very much for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely day. Stay cool.

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j'adore orange

Hello, I'm back and I'm loving orange. Here's why:

I just LOVE this photo. It's my parents, Bernadette and Leo Doiron. It was taken on a wonderful day last summer when we were deep sea fishing off Prince Edward Island. It was early in the morning and a bit misty, so the captain of the boat gave my Mom this slicker to wear. Isn't the colour magnificent? Especially next to the ocean and sky and my Dad's shirt. Oh yes, and leave it to a woman of her generation to wear lipstick on a fishing trip. When I was looking through these travel photos a couple of weeks ago I became very inspired by this colour and have used it in my styling gigs a few times since -- deep orange dahlias, orange silk draperies and pillows and an orange lacquered side table will all be making it into the pages of STYLE AT HOME because of this photo. There is so much gorgeous orange inspiration out there. Here is just a bit. Of course, Martha and her peeps do this colour beautifully.


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