coastal overkill?

It's that time of year. Every mag is full of dreamy coastal retreats. You can't flip a glossy page without a visual assault by all manner of seaside design conceits. Starfish? Check. Resin coral or *gasp* the real thing? Check. Navy and white stripes? Check and check. Wicker? Check. Nickel hurricanes? Check. Blue Hydrangeas? Check. Of course, I'm a stylist and continue to use many of these tricks. But when is enough enough? When does a room go from gorgeous coastal to cloying coastal? When is it too much of a good thing? Here are 2 examples. 

A Cape Cod home by Meredith Hutchinson from Veranda June 2010

A dunes home on Long Island by Steven Gambrel.



pursuit of beauty

You'd be forgiven if you thought this was a painting above. Doesn't it look so artfully created brush stroke by brush stroke? In fact, it is a room designed by John Saladino. The interior is inspired by the movie The Girl With the Pearl Earring, but of course there wouldn't have been a movie without the painting. I like these show house type spaces where extraordinary talents are allowed complete creative freedom. Such pure inspiration. I was recently asked to name an iconic design of the 20th century. I'd like to change my answer to the Saladino Lamp. The thing is a small masterpiece.

And finally, some words of wisdom from the man himself:

sources: 1&3: Veranda. 2:

i love pewter

This is just to say that I quite love pewter. I find the colour sensational -- a soft satiny grey. It's not all flash like silver. And it ages gracefully, darkening to a deep rich patina -- we should all be so lucky! When I saw this dishware recently I thought it was genius. It's actually stoneware but the glaze is a dead match for pewter. I so love it. And the shapes are just right too -- the octagonal plate is my fave. How amazing would it look set on a super rustic old farm table? I quite love pewter. 

p.s. I also quite love the work of John Saladino -- that's a room by him at the top. People in the biz revere him as a master. I am one of those people. Soon I will prepare an appropriate ode to him, but for now, just this taste.

sources: 1. John Saladino via Veranda. 2. my kitchen. 3. Juliska.