digital world



This is a personal blog. No advertising. No sponsored posts. No corporate agenda. Just the thoughts that pass my brain (usually in the wee smalls of the night/morning, when I work best -- check the blog post times). But this one's a bit different. First, it's just barely dark out now. Second, this post contains a full-on sales pitch. 

Please indulge me. I'm like a kid on Dec. 23 these days. Ever since I attended a seminar on digital publishing held by Campion Platt, art director of the digital-only mag VIVmag, I have been chomping at the bit to dive into this world. The day can't come soon enough! It is really like the feeling when you were a kid and you thought you might burst with anticipation leading up to Chirstmas.

It is VERY exciting that STYLE AT HOME is up and available for purchase at Zinio (ET VOILÀ LA SALES PITCH: click here to buy a copy or a sub -- subs are a steal!) And, of course I have devoured the 2 issues of Lonny. But I just can't wait to start working in the enriched format that VIVmag has. You MUST get a copy at Zinio here. When I click through and imagine the world of possibilities for decor content I start to feel faint!

This excitement has been re-ignited thanks to the Consumer Electronics Show on now in Vegas. There's so much buzz these days about the tablet readers I've been hanging on every press release to see what's next. Exciting times gentle bloggersons! Exciting times!