Union Jack

favourites from ChairTableLamp

It's my main man's B-day today so thought I'd whip up a little post on the lastest finds in his shop, ChairTableLamp. First up, that supercool overscaled Union Jack. And yes, he is well aware that it is hanging sideways -- he likes to mess things up a bit - give an object his own interpretation. Not sure the protectors of the UJ would feel too good about this little trick, but whatevs. Trust me, if we had a wall large enough, we'd have kept this one. BTW for scale, Kevin is 6ft 3ins.

Those Blanc de Chine figures are just so exquisite. And how about the picture in that frame? Kevin never leaves his picture frames blank. He always finds just the right page from a magazine or falling apart book to complement the frame. This picture shows a David Hicks interior with a painted portrait of Lady Mountbatten. I like to think that Mr. Hicks - the godfather of tablescaping - would aprove of Kevin's arrangement.

A 3-drawer chest is the little black dress of furniture. We can all use a great one -- or several. This pine pretty is rustic perfection and the price KILLS - $395. 

All this to say: Happy Birthday Kevin! You continue to astound me with your incredible eye for beauty and quality. So proud and so thankful.

at home with wedgwood

Today I am at home with Wedgwood. Well, at this home I have only a couple of pieces of Wedgwood but what I do have, finally, is my copy of the new book At Home with Wedgwood by Tricia Foley and signed by Lord Wedgwood himself. I had full colour proofs of the book months ago for a story I was doing, but there really is nothing like cracking the spine of a brand new book with gorgeous photos and such a rich story (take that Kindle and Sony Reader). I can't wait to devour it.

sources: random house, tricia foley

When Lord Wedgwood was in town for a luncheon to celebrate the book and the anniversary of Wedgwood I was captivated by his beautiful family signet ring and his cufflinks. I took a photo. I don't think it really turned out, but it does remind me of the importance of detail. Detail is so important in matters of style. Carefully considered details elevate the whole. I am so impressed by the talent of those who are masters of detail.

Below, Lord W, 2 fave pieces displayed at the luncheon, and the front door of the home of the British Consul General, where the luncheon was held. The Union Jack red paint colour is just perfection (and BTW, in case you were wondering, yes, that thing by the light is a security camera, natch)

cool britannia!

My anglomaniacal tendencies. First Claudia at The Paris Apartment posted this:

Then the July 29 post about the anniversary of the wedding of Charles and Diana at The Adventures of Tartanscot here....

It all got me thinking about my inexplicable love of all things English -- and in particular the Union Jack. Here's a celebration.

Cute stuff from Jan Constantine -- available at Selfridges.

A wicked chaise in a photo by James Merrell.









Super fun goods from Notonthehighstreet.com. What could be more perfect than Union Jack egg and tea cozies?








Victorian chairs get a mod spin with flag fabrics - you just can't do that with the Canadian flag. Above left: Henry Road. Above right: Melanie Porter.

A Paul Smith wallhanging - everything he does rocks, Tara Bernerd cushion and the excellent effed up flag rug by the fabulous Vivienne Westwood -- all from The Rug Company.

And lastly...quintessential mod style brought to you by music and style icon Paul Weller (he even had his own line of shoes once) and Carnaby Street hot shop The Merc...