Tweed House project

permit time...again

About 6 or 7 contractors, 1 expired permit and more than a year since the first demo crowbar was wielded, we are, God willing, in "go mode" once again on the Tweed House project. The poor thing has been traipsed through by so many pairs of work boots and has witnessed heads being scratched by supposed "experts". One guy — an engineer with prob about 40+ years building experience — turned to me while we were assessing the way forward and said (and I can't make this stuff up): "I dunno, how do you want to do it?" Whaaaat? Seriously? Well, last time I checked I was a magazine editor, NOT an engineer, NOT a builder. SIGH.

On the bright side, we've had two consultations now with a serious expert with some serious credentials and he and his guys have us on their calendar. Incidentally, he bears an uncanny resemblance in looks, manner and voice to Mr. A's big brother. Do you ever take something like that as a sign? Mr. A and I both found it very reassuring. Like a sign. We're like that.

So tonight, fresh drawings, filling out forms and crossing fingers for permit issuance. Next, a little break and after that....all systems GO!

This will get way uglier before it gets better. Check back. Loins are girded.