Tony Duquette


Sunroom at Dawnridge via The Adventures of Tartanscot

When I read Scot Meacham Wood's blog post on the luncheon he attended at Dawnridge, once home to decorating legend Tony Duquette, I was malachite green with envy. The swish affair, hosted by Sferra linens and Hutton Wilkinson, Duquette's protegé  and business partner, included a guest list that was a who's who of who was in LA for the Design Blogger Conference. I've been rather mad for malachite for a couple of years now, and Dawnridge is mecca for malachite lovers. Duquette was a devotee of the material -- a carbonate mineral in the most exquisite shade of green. If you know me at all, you know I have a soft spot for all things green. Above is a shot of the sunroom at Dawnridge -- the carpet, round tablecloth, and design details along the ceiling all exhibiting the unmistakable green-black swirls of malachite. Just delicious.

Malachite is mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo -- hmm, that can't be good.

Here's our own burgeoning collection. These pieces once belonged to my favourite Toronto designer -- they are true treasures -- adore the egg!

This groovy little faux malachite painted box is also part of the collection chez nous. The top is the best part:

Spied this little pretty from Lamshop at the New York Gift Show in Feb. I could find a spot for this.


And bless Chicago designer Summer Thornton for her use of the wonderful Cole & Son malachite wallpaper. It's so sexy and just perfection with the overscaled wing chair and checkerboard floor -- oh the drama!

But the pièce de résistance is here. A nice tall, shapely papièr maché  faux malachite urn with lid. I found this stunner at a massive antiques warehouse in Arundel, Maine. Total score. As if I didn't love Maine enough already -- this find endeared her to me even more. My only regret? Well, not to be greedy, but this really is the kind of item one wishes one had a pair of....sigh.