The Sartorialist

bikes i like

So, I'm kinda digging this style of bike lately. I have absolutely no need for one. My job requires the cargo space of my mini SUV -- a silver Suzuki that suits me just fine. But wouldn't one of these be so chic and so much fun? You know who also thinks they're chic? The Sartorialist. Have you ever noticed how many of his portraits are cool city cyclists? Here are my faves:

That woman with the yellow bike -- her hair, her outfit, her shoes, her shades -- so pretty! 
And, um, hello sir, don't you look perfectly stunning on your sweet ride:

But of course here is the most chic cyclist of all time:

And remember last year when these pics first hit Martha Stewart Weddings and sent every blogger into paroxysms of glee? It's the talented Laura Normandin on her wedding day -- it's so sweet I kind of weep a little seeing how happy they are (oh, I'm definitely a crier -- weddings, puppies, Tim Horton's commercials...bring on the Kleenex!).

And I could even take my little Lulu with me if I had a custom tricycle like Lela Rose has for her pup:

I do love the very first bike, a beach cruiser, but this is the one I'd REALLY love to have. It's the Biomega from Denmark and I saw one right here in Toronto at Mjölk. sigh. Just love it.