skyfall date night

Mr. A and I enjoyed a fun date night to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. It was a date of the classic dinner-and-a-movie variety. Dinner: Lovely atmosphere, killer glass of big red, but the pizza? Meh. I believe Queen Margherita pizza to be a victim of too much hype. Didn't live up. Mr. A agrees.

Then it was onto the next item on the night's agenda: Bond, James Bond. Skyfall, I assure you, lives up to the hype. It's fantastic fun. Here is my small tribute to some of the details that made it for me.

First, the star of the movie...Mr. Craig? No. That suit. Yes! God bless Tom Ford for that dinner suit. First of all it's midnight blue rather than black -- a stroke of genius on the blue-eyed Mr. Craig. Skinny fit, silk shawl lapel, piqué shirt (the texture of the shirt cloth reads beautifully on the closeups on the big screen). Some people appreciate the big screen for the sound, the special effects yada yada. Me, I relish how it reveals the fabric of a tuxedo shirt.

This is the real moment of glory for that tux. Choreographed like a fashion runway presentation. Methinks the Tom Ford team might have had a hand in that...ps remember how we first saw Mr. C in the suit in this vid (ah, bless):

Generally Bond women are clad in all sorts of trampy nonsense. So this was a refreshing sight. Silk blouse, camel belt, pencil skirt, and done. Beautiful and sexy and tasteful. This is Naomie Harris. 

If you ask me the J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Dark Poppy is a dead ringer. 

The carpets in the market in Turkey: to die for! It's so hard to browse the merch when there's a motorcycle chase scene in he way. Oh well. Still, keep your eyes peeled. 

And please join me to appreciate Judi Dench as M. The character is as icy and powerful as they come. It's so brilliant to have an older woman in this part. I just love Judi Dench - weirdly, she kind of reminds me of my Mom (who I assure you is not the least icy). It's the stature, short white hair, kind eyes (even when she's playing a cool character, Dame Judi cannot erase the softness and kindness of her eyes). Also, the role I most associate her with is Iris Murdoch, in the biopic Iris. It was a heart-wrenching movie about a brilliant mind destroyed by the ravages of dementia. In real life, Dame Judi is losing her sight to macular degeneration, my Mom is too. My Mom is also an M - Margaret Bernadette. This Bond pic is a great one for Judi Dench and for M. 

Can you spot that little dude on M's desk?

You also might know I have a thing for bulldogs. Sure, my main occupation is with the French variety, but I pretty much love all the smooshy faced K9s. And I've been known to display a bulldog figurine or two...This dude is named Jack and he's made by the good people at Royal Doulton. I'll include the link, but don't bother, they are sold out, of course.

This is the new blood. He's all Jimmy-from-Quadrophenia-meets-Matthew Broderick-from-War Games and I think he's a doll. He also happens to drink Earl Grey tea and play Scrabble...This is Ben Whishaw.

A Black Watch tartan blanket plays a supporting role alongside, or on the lap of, M. Love it. Already own it.

...And then there's this. Aanother killer stone house, Duntrune Castle (known as Skyfall in the movie), dropped in front of my eyes - and this one nestled in the misty rolling hills of Scotland. Gorgeous.

I'm pretty sure there's a law in Britain that everyone must own a Barbour coat. Bond's Barbour fits just as snuggly as his dinner suit jacket. Perfect.




tweed house door

Here's the front door at our Tweed House. Or rather, this is a picture of a magazine colour proof of a picture of our Tweed House door. The shot is from a story I once did on tartan (shot in August BTW, neighbours thought we were NUTS to have a wreath up). Notice the marker notes on the left -- the art director's directions on colour correction. The original photo was taken by the lovely, really and truly lovely, and talented Stacey Brandford. Stacey is the very first interiors photographer I worked with, and you know I'm a sentimental fool, so his work is dear to me. So anyway, I found this in my office papers. Funny, because I was just waxing on about great front doors, and in particular my favourite one (10 Downing St.), over at my new House & Home blog the other day. A glossy pitch black front door with gleaming brass hardware (and a lion head knocker) is on the list of features for my someday dream house.

When we got our place in Tweed I thought, perfect, it'll look great when we switch out the door for a shiny black one just like 10 Downing St. Well, I can't do it. I know that we shouldn't keep this door. These old wooden doors are terribly drafty. It attracts cluster flies, and a half-glass door is a no-no when it comes to privacy and security (especially since I haven't even bothered to make any sort of window covering for it).

This door is like a favourite pair of jeans with a hole in them. The style is perfect, the fit divine, the condition....not so much. But there is beauty in decay and I find the decay of this door ravishing. Which is why not only can I not bring myself to replace it, I can't even bear the thought of stripping the finish and repainting it.

Green is one of my most favourite colours, and the aligatored pattern of the decrepit paint is just so endearing. (Eat your heart out Restoration Hardware). And please, I could do a whole post on my love for old glass and its wobbly character.

There's no shiny brass lion head knocker. Instead, this little key that you turn to ring. The bell peals out loud and clear like the recess bell at grade school.

And the hardware - I just love it. All of the main floor doors have this same intricately tooled oval knob with matching escutcheon. It's not shiny and brass, but it fits. It suits the door and the house. 

Someday I'll install a velvet portière against the drafts and the lookyloos (and BTW people in the town have flat out told me outright that they've come to peek inside -HA!). But for now it will stay just like this. Over the holidays, after numerous kms on highways for family visits, I will be ensconced behind this door for heaps of tea, shortbread, stew, blankies, movies, Downton Abbey season 2, NFL football, naps, Scrabble...all the very best of Christmas, and I will be giving thanks for being so blessed.