Steven & Chris

i am thankful for today

Today has been one of those pinch-me days.

1. I received a preview copy of a book by one of my very fave designers -- amazing the joy a PDF can bring!

2. I worked on a super-fun and satisfying project at work.

3. I had a very exciting discussion with 2 colleagues about the infinite possibilities of the year ahead.

4. I received a voice mail message from a complete stranger who happened to see an appearance I made on the Steven & Chris Show on CBC TV giving a tour of my kitchen. She showered me with compliments and kind words about my work and my enthusiasm. She had a lovely accent and said I "set her pulse afire" with my work and my passion. Wow!

5. I saw beautiful things in one of the best shops in town.

6. I listened to the latest podcast at The Skirted Round Table. Do you know about The Skirted Round Table? It's a series of podcasts by three of the best bloggers: Megan Arquette from Beach Bungalow 8, Linda Merrill of Surroundings and Joni Webb of Cote de Texas. By all means, go visit them, read their blogs etc etc. (well, silly me, I'm sure you already do know them!). But, please, you must must must listen to this chat with Stephen Drucker, editor in chief of House Beautiful. Click here.

7. Just received a call that my beloved husband has dinner made and waiting.

pinch me. 

sources: 1:  TOB design. laura resen photo. 2: my kitchen. donna griffith photo.