Simon Upton

instant ancestors

That's what cheeky antique dealers call vintage portrait art. I love portraits. They are like poetry, with so many stories to tell. I study the clothes, the furniture, the room in the portrait, the jewelry. Of course the eyes, the eyes, the eyes. 


sources: 1&2: darryl carter. 3: house beautiful. 4&5: jasper conran, his house, his line for chesney's. 6: simon upton (I think this is Charlotte Moss's home, anyone know for sure?).

And I love this story in pictures. My husband did a story on auctions for S@H and he did some shopping on the job. He is an amazing gift giver, my husband. But this, this is an exquisite work. I treasure her. Here she is at the auction preview, then him bidding and then her first home with us. photos: edward pond.














And lastly, do you remember the scene in Pride and Prejudice when Elizabeth Bennet is travelling with her aunt and uncle and they stop for a tour at Pemberley? They walk along the portrait hall -- amazing scene. Then she stops at his portrait (a painting in the BBC version, a bust in the more recent version). The housekeeper asks "Is it a good likeness?" Elizabeth lingers. She is lost in thought. I think THAT is when she falls in love with him. It's the portrait, not the letter, the portrait. The idealized version of him. I love both versions of the movie but there's no denying the appeal of the Colin Firth wet shirt scene. Watch it here. You know you can't resist!